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Our Teachers

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Rainbow of Knowledge Staff


Your child will be cared for by each of our well qualified teachers.

Jenny Dellaway

Lower Grades

(Jr. Kindergarten - Kindergarten)

Jenny has been teaching at Rainbow of Knowledge since 1978.  She has taught Junior Kindergarten and/or Kindergarten for most of those years, and thoroughly enjoys the enthusiasm for learning that comes with her age group!  She especially likes giving them a foundation to learn to read, as well as watching their curiosity expand during her science lessons.  She gets great satisfaction from helping them in the beginning stages of learning.  Jenny enjoys the intimate setting that our current campus provides, she strongly feels that when we all work together, and we can create miracles!

Lynne Lewin

Middle Grades

(First and Second Grades)

Lynne founded our school in 1976.  In that time she has had her hands in every aspect of the school, including teaching nearly every grade at some point.  She is the outstanding vision-keeper of our school, and keeps us all grounded and moving in a positive direction to help the students in our classrooms.  She currently splits her time in the classroom and the office, though wishes she could spend most of her time with her students.  She excells at teaching children to become more independent and empowered, as well as teaching them to take pride in everything they do.

Debbie Teixeira

Upper Grades

(Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades)

Debbie has been working at Rainbow of Knowledge since 1992.  She has taught all the grades at our school for us at one time or another, and has found her niche with the older students.  She does an excellent job at getting her students ready to move on to middle school.  With a small number of students in her class, she is able to personalize lesson plans for each student to cater toward their strengths and weaknesses to help them all best succeed.  She goes out of her way to incorporate fun into the learning that takes place in her classroom!