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About Our School

We are proud to be small community where every child is known, safe, inspired, challenged, and empowered.



Dear Parents,


If you're reading this, we know you've started the process of making a big decision... finding a school that's a great fit for your child.  Every child is unique, has their own strengths and weaknesses, and methods that they're comfortable with for learning.  We are seeing more and more, that there are less and less students who fit into that “middle of the road” box that teachers are taught to teach to, or choose to teach to because it's easier.

At Rainbow of Knowledge Elementary School, we pride ourselves in our ability to get to know each child, and create a learning strategy that will help them best succeed.  Our goal for every student who walks through our doors is to instill in them a strong educational foundation.  We have been in the education business long enough to know that there is not merely one way to teach, nor is there one way to learn, so we are very flexible in “going back to the drawing board” whenever necessary to help each child learn.


Please explore our website further and give us a call if you feel you'd like to come down, have a tour, and see what we're all about.




The Rainbow of Knowledge Teachers

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Why Rainbow Of Knowledge?


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School History


In 1976, Rainbow of Knowledge began as a small preschool in San Jose.


Our school was founded by our current principal, Lynne Lewin.  Throughout our history, we have had several different locations, including facilities in the Campbell School District, Union School District, and Cambrian School District.


In the early 80’s, we added a kindergarten program that was so successful, that in the 90’s we started adding one grade per year, until we completed our elementary program.  At our highest capacity, we served almost 300 students.


As we changed centuries, we had an “A-ha!” moment and realized our ideals didn’t fit the traditional way of teaching.  In 2006, we made the conscious decision to become an alternative school; meaning an alternative to those who may have difficulty learning in the Public School System, or any larger classroom setting, for whatever reason.


In 2010, we moved to our current location in Los Gatos.  We love the homey atmosphere of our property which lends to our community feel.  Come check us out and see for yourself.


We look forward to meeting you!

Why We Are Unique


We're like your child... unique and one of a kind.


That was our “tagline” once, not too long ago.  As corny as it may sound, there is truth to it.  I can't tell you how often we get comments about our school regarding how different we are from “traditional” schools, how great what we offer is, and we're still extremely successful with our program and the ways we help children learn.


We aren't selling anything, we don't have any magic potions, when we meditate, (yes, we meditate with the children every day,) we aren't channeling any subliminal messages, although we DO work with positive affirmations each day as well.  There's no trick to what we do, we simply strive to provide a small community where every child is known, safe, inspired, challenged, and empowered.  Yes, that's our new tagline.  And it basically comes down to this... we believe that every child is faced with challenges in their life that they need guidance to help them overcome.  Some come to us with academic problems, some are social, some have a combination of things they need help learning to navigate through.


Being a small school, we are able to connect with each child to get to know these struggles, then, with the help and support of the parents, create a path to lead each child down, where they can be successful in school and in life.  And again, we've been doing this long enough to know that there's more than one way to teach, and more than one way for students to learn, and we're not too proud to try something new if the first way, or the second, or even the third, didn't work.

What We Value


We start each day with a pledge; to ourselves and to each other.


Our student's daily pledge goes like this:


“Rainbow of Knowledge is filled with people like me.

I help make it the greatest school that it can be.

If I am nice to others, it will be a friendly place.

I can make it filled with students with a smile upon their face.

My school will be so mindful, if I stay in my own lane

And fix what I can in myself, instead of placing blame.

My day will be so peaceful, if calm is what I stay.

And get along with others, since that's the Rainbow Way.

So here's my pledge, this task is now, right in front of me,

Of being all the things, today, I want my school to be.”



These empowering words best explain what we attempt to achieve with our students on a daily basis.  By reciting this pledge together, we make a commitment to one another to put our best foot forward every single day.  Does this happen?  Of course not.  But when we stray off our higher path, we have these words to fall back on when things go wrong.  We do our best to teach our students to learn from any and all mistakes made in any given day.  Then try again tomorrow.


Our hope is to plant a seed that will continue to grow in each child, long after they leave our campus.  While students at our school, we nourish these seeds as much as possible, and help them to begin to grow and flourish, as they start their independent, responsible, inquisitive, joyful journeys in life.

Meet Our Qualified Staff


Your child will be cared for by each of our well qualified teachers.

Jenny Dellaway

Lower Grades

(Jr. Kindergarten - Kindergarten)

Lynne Lewin

Middle Grades

(First and Second Grades)

Debbie Teixeira

Upper Grades

(Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Grades)

Parent Testimonials


Read what some of our student's parents have to say about our school.

My son has been attending this school for 2 years now and we are truly impressed by how far along he has come both academically and socially.  It is a great school...


Naader Hasani


The student to teacher ratio is amazing!  Awesome school and staff!  I really enjoy how much we can be a part of our kiddo’s school with all the monthly activities.

Chris and Kacie Pompa


This school has been a miracle for my family. It has an excellent student-teacher ratio, so every student receives the attention that they need - whether they need extra help...


Maya Ackerman